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Email scams

Here's an email forwarded to me from a client recently.  The obvious questions, "Is this a scam? Is this safe?"  From:  Outlook account [ mailto:[email protected] ] Sent:  Friday, February 24, 2017 2:56 AM To:  [email protected] Subject:  You requested we should close your account. Microsoft account Dear User, You recently requested we should discontinue your account. We want to confirm if this request was made by you. You are required to confirm if we should continue with the request or not. Kindly follow directives below: ABORT ACCOUNT CLOSURE Sincerely Microsoft Office365  I get regular questions about emails similar to these so here’s your free IT lesson for the day. If you get messages like these, the bad guys out there probably have your email and they’ll just keep coming after you.  Spam filters will catch the worst, but it's always a losing game chasing after the latest techniques.  The technique behind this va

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